B-kull PEB/B-litter PEB

Our second litter arrived on May 17th, Norway’s independence day! 5 healthy kittens were born within a few hours! One solid chocolate boy, one chocolate silver spotted boy, one chocolate spotted girl, and two chocolate spotted boys.

Sjokolade hann med vanlig pels/chocolate boy with fur : N*Deviant Cats Bruno

 sjokolade01.jpg dyrenett.jpg

Sjokoladespottet hunn med vanlig pels/chocolate spotted female with fur: N*Deviant Cats Brunella 

vanligpels03.jpg Brunella

Sjokoladespottet hann med vanlig pels/chockolatespotted male with fur: N*Deviant Cats Brenin

Brenin Brenin

Sjokoladesølvspottet hann med brush pels/chocolate silver spotted male with brush coat: N*Deviant Cats Brychan

Brychan Brychan

Sjokoladespottet hann, velour/chocolate spotted male, velour coat: N*Deviant Cats Boris 

Boris Boris

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